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Are beetroots good for us, and why?

Beetroots aren’t anything new, they are a root vegetable that many either know because they either hate the taste or they know about its superfood powers – considered to have an ergogenic effect and have gained headline space in the recent years due to its ability to increase health benefits – i.e. heart health, blood pressure and athletic performance.

Another reason why we know about beetroots is due the fact that when we consume them they end up in our urine & our stools and for good reasoning as well, it’s important to know that when we eat plant foods the majority of the phytonutrients make their way through the gut walls of our intestines and end up circulating all of our cells, tissues and organs, where they are then filtered through our kidneys and that is why our urine/stool become a pinkish color.

However, due to their richness in natural nitrates they have shown to increase levels of nitric oxide (NO), which serve multiple functions regarding increased blood flow, reduce blood viscosity, increase tissue oxygenation and the strengthening of muscle contractions which all allow our bodies to extract more energy from that oxygen.

Beetroot juice supplementation can improve cardiorespiratory endurance in athletes by increasing efficiency, distance, increase time to exhaustion, and may improve anaerobic thresholds – maximum oxygen uptake. When athletes train, the reason they get better is the improved oxygen delivery to their muscles. Changes in their lunges allow them to take bigger breaths, for example, strengthening of the heart boosts cardiac output and blood flow. Your body may even start developing more red blood cells to boost the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

So, whether you are a deep-sea diver, a cyclist, runner, collegiate athlete or even a professional athlete, it is evidentially clear that supplementing with beetroot juice extractions can have a very positive and lasting effect on the bodies energy production and is significantly more efficient for one’s performance.

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