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Get ready for T’s new functional cookbook, More Than Rice, which is the closest thing to solving all of your worries, eat clean, eat nutritious-delicious, and all from plants. Inside are over 30 fitness flavored plant-based recipes!


From Mediterranean Salads to Smoky Chili Bowls, More Than Rice delivers a helpful structure to guide you on your wellness journey. Most of the recipes are quick and simple to prepare while keeping in mind those who have busy schedules, however, also being adamant about delivering really tasty foods specifically designed to help build lean muscle, support an active lifestyle, and help maintain a healthy responsive immune system.


Taylor feels privileged to showcase this organized approach to eating nutritionally dense foods, which happens to be the same particular structure that has allowed Taylor to have high sustainable-energy as a Professional Athlete and even the Aesthetics to model for the likes of Louis Vuitton, welcome to breaking the first myth that will change your life for the better.

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